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Sandra Webb




  • 2018 - Graduated with M.E. of Instructional Systems Design & Technology, Sam Houston State University

  • 2018 - Certificate of Educational Technology, Sam Houston State University

  • 2016 - PC Pro Computer Repair Certification, TVCC

  • 2006 - Graduated Cum Laude with Bachelor of Business Administration, Stephen F. Austin State University

  • Certified Technical Applications, Grades 8-12

  • Certified Secondary Basic Business, Grades 6-12

  • Level 1 Certification - Smartboard Trainer, Promethean Board Trainer

  • Certified Practical Parent Education

  • Google Educator (Currently Recertifying)

  • TACE Coordinator (Elementary Campus), TACE Teacher (7th grade Ipad Applications, Adult English Teacher, Adult Computer Basics Teacher, TVCC PC Pro certification Teacher (10th-12th grade)

  • Homebound Teacher (7th-12th grade) for 7 years

  • 10+ years with PISD

  • 30+ years working with kids through  teaching, coaching, & mentoring through my church, theater, and YMCA

  • 14+ years YMCA Youth & Government Advisor, Grades 6-12


Mrs. Webb was born and raised in Palestine, She lived in San Antonio, Carrollton, Houston, and Huntsville before returning here with her husband, Stephen, in 1995 to raise their children.  She has three children: Katy, Josh, and Nathan.  After losing her son Josh in 2004, she manages a British soccer camp each summer to fund the scholarship set up in his name.  They have awarded 25+ scholarships in his memory. She devotes her free time to learning, helping others, and spending time with her grandchildren - Liberty & Ethan. 


" I like to live by the motto we have on my son's scholarship application: "I expect to pass through life but once. If therefore, there be any good thing I can do to any fellow being, let me do it now, and not defer or neglect it, as I shall not pass this way again. William Penn" God blesses me every day and I hope that I can be a blessing to others."


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