Parent Involvement Organization

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The PIO is CHA’s Parent Involvement Organization. We are parents who have volunteered to support the school by planning fundraising events, supporting our teachers and staff in communicating about events that are going on at our school, and allocating funds raised to best support all CHA students, teachers and staff. The PIO hosts fundraisers each year such as the baked potato fundraiser, fun run, movie nights, student/teacher basketball game, and our garage sale. Funds raised from these events are allocated to annual needs as well as to larger purchases. PIO also assists in coordinating with the Room Moms for each classroom.


The PIO meets monthly and all parents are always welcome at the meetings. For additional information about CHA’s PIO, please do not hesitate to reach out to Emily Wall (803) 807-1937 or to contact Mrs. Tammy or Mrs. Jennifer at the school office for more information.