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Jazmin Knox


As a native Spanish speaker born and raised in Queretaro Mexico, I grew up in a single parent home as the youngest of six siblings. In my teenage years, my mother had a radical conversion experience which sent a shock wave through our whole family. Eventually all of my brothers and sisters received Jesus and most still serve in some ministry capacity to this day.

In Mexico, I studied computer programming and achieved a degree in theology with an active ordination certificate. I have been teaching Spanish at CHA since 2016. During my 7-year tenure at CHA, I have been privileged to pursue my two passions: faith and family.
Some of the things I enjoy are reading, watching historical movies, and serving as community pastor in our local church. I also love spending time with my husband and 3 wonderful kids: Gabby, David, and Josh.

I love teaching at CHA because I take seriously the honor of inspiring and forming the next generation. It genuinely brings me great joy to equip kids with a second language and prepare them for the life- adventures that lie ahead of them.


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